Useful Skype Tips and Tricks

23 Apr

While Skype may seem dead-simple to use, which it is, if you bother to take a look underneath its hood, you will find that it can do some advanced stuff you might not have expected from it. The thing about Skype is that these extra features are usually very well hidden and it takes some digging if you want to be able to use them. In order to save you hours of research on the subject, we have compiled a short list of hidden Skype features which allow you to make the most out of this powerful piece of software.

Use Text-Based Commands in Skype

Long before the days of Skype, IRC was the bomb, and the number one option for people to chat with one another. If you were an IRC user, you may remember that a lot of the actions had to be carried out via text commands. You can also do this on Skype, in a very similar way.skype_hints_33 For example, if you would like to add another one of your contacts to the chat, type in /add to invite them. You can also type in /topic to set up a topic, /set password to set up a password-protected chat room, /setrole to assign permissions to chatters, /kick to kick a user from the chat room, and /kickban to ban them from joining the chat again.

Send Files to Multiple Users

If you are chatting with two or more people at the same time, and you want to send a file to each of them, you don’t have to send it to each user individually. Instead, simply drag the file in the chat room window, and each contact present in the chat room will receive a copy of the file. This will save you a lot time, plus you don’t have to rely of email, Dropbox or other means of file sharing. Another way of going about it would be creating a group which has those selected contacts in it, and sending the file to that particular group of contacts.

Customize Notifications

Skype allows for some flexibility when it comes to notifications you receive. If you don’t like receiving a notification for pretty much anything, or if you would like to choose which notifications you would like to receive, you can do that by customizing your notifications. Simply go to Tools > Options > Notifications and click on Notification settings, and check the notifications you would like to receive.

Call Recording

Although Skype doesn’t have the ability to record calls, you can use a third-party program to do that for you. This can come in handy when discussing a business deal to make sure that all sides adhere to the agreement. You can record for personal reasons, as well, but we are not going to get into that one. MP3 Skype Recorder would be our recorder of choice for recording Skype calls.

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