Tips for Cell Phone Security When Traveling

06 Feb

When I’m travelling I am always looking at ways to improve my experience. Because I work online quite a bit I need to make sure I have a few systems in place to allow for any eventualities. I need to be able to work, at least a little, whenever I’m travelling.

It may be just to be able to check e-mails but sometimes I need to be able to access different accounts and even my websites. Experience has taught me that things can and often do go wrong and I need to have the tools to be able to react.

When I travel I rely heavily on my cellphone. Unless it is a long journey, I don’t bring a laptop and my phone becomes my workstation – and mini computer. I have web access with my phone enabling me to access bank accounts, websites, e-mails – everything I need to work in an emergency. My phone contains everything, not just contact numbers but all of my work-related passwords and login details.spy phone spy software

The thought of losing my phone is bad enough but with so much information stored on it, the thought of it falling into the wrong hands is even worse. So many of us have banking access and other personal stuff stored on cellphones that if a clever thief gets hold of this it could be devastating.

Over the years I have used different ways to increase my cellphone security and followed most of the common advice such as using password locks, strong secure passwords and even tried a few password lock apps. All can help a little.

I also make sure that important files are backed up to the cloud but I felt I needed more in terms of security. Then I read about some software programs which allow me to take things a step further.

Using Spy Phone Software for Security?

Bear with me a moment as these benefits are not immediately obvious. I started researching about some of the features of cell phone spy software and found a great resource at Spy software can have many different uses and this website gives some great independent advice as well as some very interesting reviews of the top software products. They also have a full phone spy software guide with a section dedicated to cellphone security features.

These spy programs are normally used to monitor other peoples cellphones – mainly aimed at kids phones and employee monitoring. These are the legal uses at least! They have loads of different features aimed at monitoring all aspects of phone use including texts, call logs, e-mail, browsing history and much more. They also have some really interesting security features which caught my attention.

With the software installed on my own phone there are a few security functions which will work for my needs and can be controlled remotely by accessing an online dashboard. This allows me to control certain things if the phone is lost or stolen – and I don’t need access to the phone. By sending a message from the online control panel I can:

  • Lock the phone – and stop anyone using it
  • Wipe the phone data – all of it, keeping it safe from prying eyes!
  • Track the phone – GPRS tracking features allow me to see a map of where the phone is – very accurately.

As I said the monitoring features are not really for me. These security features are all I’m interested in.

Now with the software installed on my phone I know that all of my data is secure and I know that I can delete all of the sensitive data remotely. If my phone is lost or stolen, at least I know I can stop anyone from accessing my important information.

These apps also work on Apple iPhones and iPads!

I hope I never need it but we all know how much pain is caused by losing your phone. It provides some great peace of mind to know that the worst-case scenario I am protected more than most. It is definitely an alternative way to use cell phone monitoring software but one which many others should be considering.

If like me, you have some really sensitive data stored on your phone, security needs to be a high priority.

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